How to Sign and Verify Messages On Solar Blockchain

The Solar Desktop Wallet makes your cryptographic keys available for message signing. Signing a message is useful in a situation where you need to prove you are in control of a specific address or to prove the authenticity of some data. The wallet will also allow you to verify a message received from another person. The wallet uses Schnorr Algorithm for signing.

This guide assumes you already have a wallet created.

Sign a Message

  1. Press the Sign button under the Sign tab
  2. Enter your message
  3. Enter your 12 word Passphrase or Password depending on how your wallet is stored
  4. Press the Sign Button to generate signature

Verify a Message

To verify a message from another wallet you need the following:

  1. Other wallet’s Public Key (Not private key!)
    • The public key of a wallet is not the same as the address. The address is a shorter hashed version of the longer public key.
  2. Message
  3. Signature

You can view the wallet’s public key by clicking the key icon next to your wallet’s address in the desktop wallet or explorer.

Verify Message

  1. Press the Verify button under the Sign tab
  2. Enter the Message
  3. Enter the Public Key
  4. Enter the Signature
  5. Press the Verify Button to check signature