Compendia Validator Proposal

A Compendia Validator is responsible for securing a node on the Compendia blockchain. Holders of the BIND token vote for validators that operate a node. The top 47 vote earners are elected to validate and insert new blocks into the ledger and forge new BIND tokens as a reward.

Voting Rewards

Validator Name: friendsoflittleyus

  • Sharing Percentage: 50%
  • Payout Interval: Daily
  • Payout Min: 0
  • Payout Max: 0
  • Payout via custom TBW script


Our number one priority is to operate high quality, reliable and secure nodes on the Compendia blockchain. Prior to launching our Compendia validator we spent several years as community developers for the Ark core network. We also operate an Ark mainnet delegate and our own custom prototyping bridgechain called Radians so we are experienced at securing blockchain nodes.
We will be diligent in continuing product development and promotion of the Compendia blockchain. In addition to the development of plugins and tools for supporting the blockchain we are developing an IoT infrastructure to interface with Compendia open databases.

Thank you to all of our current voters and we look forward to the support of future voters.
For more info about our team please see the contact us page.

Server Infrastructure

We maintain as a minimum the following servers to support the validator node and our projects.

Compendia Mainnet

Mainnet Forger – 4CPU 8GB
Mainnet Backup – 4CPU 8GB
3 Mainnet Relays – 2CPU 4GB
2 Mainnet Relays – 4CPU 4GB

IoT Development

Node-Red servers
MQTT Message Brokers
InfluxDB databases
Grafana visualization

Other website
friendsoflittleyus webstore
App server


  • Arkifier 2.0 with Compendia support.
  • API token authorization plugin.
  • Proof of concept IPFS interface via Compendia Bridgechain.
  • ARK IoT DIY development kits.
  • Marketing and outreach to technical communities outside of ARK and blockchain.
  • Ensure event data delivery plugin.
  • Revamp ARK Pay to support multiple bridgechain networks.

Past Community Contributions

  • Radians – a bridgechain built for community developers for rapid prototyping. Existing project website:
  • Arkifier – a notification service which emails you when your delegate loses forging power.
  • Socket Event Forwarder – a bridgechain plugin which forwards blockchain events through WebSockets enabling real-time data transfer to applications.
  • ArkCrypto Browserified – a solution which enables developers to use the ARK crypto package in Chrome and Safari browsers.