Solar Delegate Proposal

A Solar Delegate is responsible for securing a node on the Solar blockchain. Holders of the SXP coin vote for delegates that operate a node. The top 53 vote earners are elected to validate and insert new blocks into the ledger and forge new SXP coins as a reward.
Solar launched Mainnet blockchain on March 28, 2022.

Please see our detailed Delegate Proposal.

Voting Rewards

Validator Name: friendsoflittleyus

  • Sharing Percentage: 70%
  • Payout Interval: Daily
  • Payout Min: 0
  • Payout Max: 0


Our number one priority is to operate high quality, reliable and secure nodes on the Solar blockchain. Prior to launching our Solar delegate we spent several years as community developers for the Ark Public Network. ARK technology is used by the Solar Network so we are very familiar with supporting and operating the blockchain infrastructure. We operate an Ark mainnet delegate and our own custom prototyping ARK based bridgechain called Radians so we are experienced at securing blockchain nodes with Delegated Proof of Stake technology.
We will be diligent in our own product development and promotion of the Solar blockchain.

Thank you to all of our current voters and we look forward to the support of future voters.
For more info about our team please see the contact us page.